Kelly (iceyfresh) wrote in friggincold,

Fifty (50) Icons

14 Alias
8 Clueless
2 Elisha Cuthbert
3 Harry Potter (1 Actor)
3 Kelly Clarkson
5 Michael Phelps
3 Orlando Bloom
1 Ryan Gosling
8 The OC
3 Topher Grace

Please comment before taking (with the #s), credit if using, and do not edit my icons. And even if you aren't taking, I would love any kind of feedback!! Credits for resources are in my icon journal profile. If I did not credit you for something that I used, please tell me immediately.

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47 thanks
#3, and 9...great work! =)
These are gorgeous.
Clueless is one of my favorite movies in the world so I loves seeing icons from it.

Snagging 20 and 22.
Thankies. I will def. credit.

♥ Bri
Noming #7 at alias_awards
saved no. 38. very pretty job.

ooh snaps topher. k saved no. 48 too.
Snagged 05, 15, 19 & 22. :)
Totally snagging #47. Nice job!
Taking 50, Topher Grace is adorable. =] Love your icons, they're very pretty.
oh WAIT. Just saw Clueless icons! Taking 15 and 22!
took #29..will credit :)
Took all the Kelly icons. Great work!
Taking Topher. Thank you. :)
Saved more OC! ;)
<3 thanks
took the Ryan OC ones & Topher. Gorgeous work!

Took 33. THANK YA.

Will credit in the both of my Journals (keijukolibri is mine too).
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