Kelly (iceyfresh) wrote in friggincold,

Fifty (50) Icons

14 Alias
8 Clueless
2 Elisha Cuthbert
3 Harry Potter (1 Actor)
3 Kelly Clarkson
5 Michael Phelps
3 Orlando Bloom
1 Ryan Gosling
8 The OC
3 Topher Grace

Please comment before taking (with the #s), credit if using, and do not edit my icons. And even if you aren't taking, I would love any kind of feedback!! Credits for resources are in my icon journal profile. If I did not credit you for something that I used, please tell me immediately.

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I love the ones from clueless and the ones from orlando
Snagged 42, 43, 45, 46, 47. Thanks! :D
I took 40! They were all beautiful
Snagged 9. But 2 and 5 are hilarious.


took a few. lovely style. will credit.
took Elisha, clueless, HP, kelly and topher for later use! all are beautiful!
will credit when used
Took all the topher ones,43,10,26 and 27. will credit
Lovely! Save 22. will credit
Gorgeous icons! I took 47., will credit when I use!
Took the CLueless, Topher, Orlando and Ryan icons. Will credit, thankyou!
I LOVE your new icons!!!! Great job!
Saved # 28...thanks! Great job on these.
Snagging all your OC icons. They're great!
snagging #4, lovely icons!
I love #17 -- but I think she actually says "accurately," not "correctly." :)
Darn, I actually checked the online "Clueless" script for that line.

Thanks though! :D
:) Took some of the vaughn ones, and the last topher grace one.
Taking the MV one that says Grin Much.

I will credit when using

Took 40 and 44. Nice work.
fabulous, kelly! lovin #9, 11, 35 and 49. <3 hope you feel better!
thanks =]
took 15, 16, and 22. clueless is ♥.
using 26 all of them are so beautiful.
Taking 37 thanks
great work! i nommed #2 over at alias_awards.
hi.... your icons are really great!!! i took 40 45-47 and 13-14 i will definitely credit you. thanks again
#40 & #44 Will credit! Thanks!
Great icons! I'm taking #40..will credit.
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