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30 Icons

Comment before you take. Always credit me (iceyfresh or friggincold). Feel free to nom any of them, just tell me before. No hotlinking. Textless (if applicable) are not bases.

17 Alias (some are actors)
5 The OC (some are actors)
1 Jake Gyllenhaal
2 Orlando Bloom
2 Mandy Moore
1 Veronica Mars
2 Britney Spears



The OC

Jake Gyllenhaal

Orlando Bloom

Mandy Moore

Veronica Mars

Britney Spears

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these are great :) saving some, will credit when use, thank you!
Eeep! Took the one of Vartan the Frenchman - absolutely gorgeous. So sexy.

Will credit. Keep up the awesome work.
woww..AWESOME icons :D i'm saving the 4th one of adam brody. i promise to credit when i use it!
snagging some alias and mandy moore
These are great,took one of the "Alias"Thank you/I like your pictures))))
Took some alias ones, will credit. Great job on those, esp that of michael vartan. Yummy!
Snagged Jake and some OC. Lovely. Will credit when used :].
Took the 3rd the OC & 1st Britney
took the "dollface" and "frenchman" syd and vaughn ones.

thanks! :)
i like the 'spyporn', 'yeah baby', and 'dollface'. great work! :)
Taking 'frenchman' and will definitely credit you. Thanks!
These are awesome. Do you happen to have any shots from Alias of "Will" (from season 1 and 2)?

I don't know if I do, since I usually cap Syd and Vaughn but a majority of my screencaps are from Alias-Media.COM. That site is probably your best bet.
Snagged the frenchman, dollface, and mandy moore dreaming icon.. will credit! These are awesome!
took mandy "dreaming" it would be so cool/funny if you made one with that same base that said "kinky" or something! haha

will credit

So many! promise to credit! you are amazing!
do you do edits or changes at all?


12 years ago

all the adam 1s =) great job
took the "i love you" adam one. i'll credit
took the same one. Will credit when I use.


12 years ago

they're awesome...thanx :)
Snagging 10, 11, 16, & 17 of Alias, all OC, Jake, both Mandy & the first Britney. Will credit whenever used. Thanks <3
Took a bunch of Alias icons. Thanks!
Love the Alias and O.C ones. i have taken some and when i use them i will be sure to credit.
Snagged all of the O.C icons.

Theyre gorgeous. Will credit when I use.
Fun to see the variation (from mine) on 13. I do think yours is a bit more exciting. :)
i took the summer love one<3 and the first two adam ones<3 i lovee them thanku
Snagged both Mandy icons, thanks!
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